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Friday, December 9, 2011

Watch Live Streaming of Nepal Vs Afghanistan Semifinal Football Match SAFF Championship 2011


0 1
Match Played
SAFF Championship 2011
09-Dec-2011 06:15 PM NST
JLN Stadium

Balal Arezo 101'
120′ +4
And there it is!! the referee blows the final whistle and sends the Afghanistani players, staff and fans into delirium. Historic moment for the Afghans!! Afghanistan 1-0 Nepal. See you on Sunday as India and Afghanistan face-off in the SAFF Championship final!
120′ +3
B Gurung!! He takes the freekick awarded to Nepal which is into the hands of Hameedullah who momentarily spills the ball and the Nepalese players rush towards him but the goalie holds on. Getting a bit nasty at the end!
120′ +3
Yellow Card Bikash Malla
120′ +2
Handbags!! Nepal and Afghanistan's players get into a scuffle after Nepal are awarded a freekick and the Afghans kick the ball away.
And Biraj Maharjan sent off for bringing down Arezou when he was through on goal. Curtains here for Nepal?
Red Card Biraj Maharjan
Was that the last chance for Nepal? Substitute Khadka shoots well over after Nepal played their way to the edge of the box.
Sanjar Ahmadi comes off for Hashmat Jan as Afghanistan try to waste some more time.
Substitution Sanjar Ahmadi Hashmat M.Jan
Good diagonal ball towards Anil Gurung but his cross into the box is too wide for anyone to latch onto.
Afghanistan trying to play down the clock. 4 minutes to go. Can Nepal find a late equaliser to salvage their SAFF Championship dreams?
Afghanistan win a corner kick as they try and hit Nepal on the counter
Bijay Gurung tries to find his way into the box but Afghanistan's defence holds firm.
Ten minutes to go and Afghanistan already trying to play the ball towards the opposition corner flag. The fans still hoping for a Nepalese equaliser.
Another ball into Afghanistan's box. They won't mind that one bit.
All hands on the pump for Afghanistan, as they are firmly entrenched int heir own half, trying to protect their lead.
The second half is underway immediately.
That's the end of the first half of extra time. Afghanistan just 15 minutes away from a historic appearance in the SAFF Championship Final
Goal Balal Arezo
Balal Arezou finally breaks the deadlock!!! Nepal's defence goes to sleep as a clever flick by Sanjar Ahmadi puts Arezou clear through. He sprints a good 15-20 yards before unleashing a shot into the right bottom corner. The crowd has gone berserk!!!
Neither team showing any emergency.
If the stalemate is not broken in this next half an hour then penalty shoot outs shall take place.
Sanjar Ahmadi called offside as he tries to head a ball goalwards
And Afghanistan get the first half of extra time underway....
90′ +3
And there it is. The referee blows the whistle to bring the second half to an end. We shall now have another 30 minutes of extra-time.
90′ +2
Into added time. The two teams seem resigned to playing another half an hour of extra time.
Substitution Bharat Khawas Nirajan Khadka
Niranjan Khadka in for Bharat Khawas, Nepal's last change
Haroon Fakhruddin with a good freekick into the box but dealt with by Kiran Kumar
A chance for Nepal!! Squandered by Anil Gurung whose shot really lacks conviction. Any goal here could very well be the winner.
Mohammad Esrafiul lucky to get away without a booking there. A really rash tackle
Bhola Nath Silwal comes off as Bijay Gurung comes in for Nepal. Afghanistan too bring in Ahmed Hatifle for Ata Yamir Ali
Substitution Ata Mohammad Yamir Ali Ahmad Hatifie
Substitution Bhola Nath Silwal Bijay Gurung
Nepal holding on to possession but surely they realise that crosses into the box are not going to get them any reward. Easily cleared.
Afghanistan almost take advantage of some slack defending by the Nepalese defence who gift possession to Sanjar Ahmadi. Who then collects a pass from Balal Arezou and his toe poke is just about palmed away by Kiran Kumar
Rohit Chand with a shot from well outside the box which is off target by a mile. Frustration showing in Nepal's ranks
Afghanistan win a freekick which is hit into the box but easily cleared by Nepal. Rai goes on the counter but is eased out by the Afghani defence
Substitution Santosh Shahukhala Anil Gurung
Anil Gurung replaces the off-colour Khala.
Both teams seem content to just clear the ball out of defence. Can either team find the opener to add some spice in the game?
Afghanistan just don't seem to be able to create an opening upfront
Wasteful from Mohammad Esrafiul. Clear on the left wing he curls a disappointing cross into the arms of the keeper Kiran Kumar.
Half an hour to go. Will we have a winner in regulation time?
Another freekick for Nepal on the left wing and the ball in is headed over the bar by Rohit Chand.
A corner for Nepal which is not dealt with properly by the goalkeeper Hameedullah but Khala puts the ensuing shot from the edge of the box into the stands.
Afghanistan have made a better start to this second half as they almost pass their way past the Nepali defence. Just about thwarted.
Arezou almost through there! Gets his head on an aimless punt forward as the Nepali defence dithers. Just wide of the goal.
Jumanu Rai tries to dribble his way past the Afghan defence but he is squeezed off the ball
High balls into the Afghanistan box really not helping Nepal's cause as the far taller Afghan defenders dealing with it easily.
Afghanistan trying to gain some momentum in the early exchanges of this second half....
Substitution Masaiullah Ibrahim Waheed Ahmad
Nepal kick us off in the second half. Who shall join India in the final?...We shall hopefully know the answer in 45 minutes
45′ +2
HALFTIME: Afghanistan 0-0 Nepal - Nepal with all the possession but Afghanistan with the two biggest opportunities of the match with Balal Arezou spurning them both.
45′ +1
Mohammad Esrafiul gets a yellow for tugging back Jumanu Rai
45′ +1
Yellow Card Mohammad Esrafil
AFGHANISTAN HIT THE CROSSBAR!!....Arezou's header comes off the crossbar and is cleared by the Nepali defence. Two clear opportunities for Aghanistan in this half.
Nepal enjoying some more possession in the Afghanistani box but just lack the killer touch upfront.
The tempo has slowed down as Afghanistan finally settle into the game.
It was totally against the run of play and would have really dented Nepal's confidence, if Arezou had converted that opportunity.
AND BALAL AREZOU MISSES A SITTER!!....a good cross by Yousef Mashriqi headed down by Sanjar Ahmadi to Arezou who has the goal gaping in front of him but takes too long and the eventual shot is too close to Kiran Kumar who saves the shot
Another chance for Nepal but the Afghani defence holds firm
They almost did! a looping header which is punched out by Kiran Kumar Limbu. The second corner is far more comfortably dealt with by Nepal
Afghanistan win their first corner of the match. Can they make their height advantage count?
Nepal have held on to possession well but need to find the killer touch.
Balal Arezou with a shot which is blocked by the Nepali defence. The first time Arezou has done anything of note today. Been all Nepal till now.
Bhola Nath Silwal with another chance for Nepal but a poor shot by the Nepali and it doesn't even trouble the goalkeeper
Afghanistan trying to slow down the tempo at which the game is being played.
A wasted chance to counter-attack for Afghanistan. Some composure needed in the Afghan ranks
AND HOW DID NEPAL NOT SCORE!!!....Great goalmouth action as Afghan defenders and goalkeeper just cannot clear the ball out of the box as Nepal take shot after shot but somehow Afghanistan hold on.
At the moment Nepal doing all the attacking and their fans all the chanting!
Another corner for Nepal but Afghanistan's clear height advantage helping them clear
Yet another freekick given away by Afghanistan. This time Yamir Ali the guilty party, unnecessarily barging in on Rai.
Nepal doing all the attacking at the moment....
Santhosh Khala with a good header across the goal but it goes just over. Nepal have settled in well and are the one who look most likely to get a goal
Jumanu Rai with the first real shot on goal and it has the Afghan keeper scampering across his goal. Pushed out for a corner
Afghanistan playing some uncharacteristically poor passes in midfield
Yellow Card Santosh Shahukhala
Santhosh Khala gets a yellow card for a foul on the Afghan goalkeeper
Nepal win the first corner of the game. Nervousness in the Afghanistan ranks leads to an unnecessary corner
Afghanistan get us underway....
Both the teams looking to make their maiden entry into the SAFF Championship final
Nepal: Biraj Maharjan (3), Bikash Chhetri (5), Santhosh Khala (9), Jumanu Rai (110, Sandip Rai (13), Sagar Thapa (19), Bharat Khawas (21), Rohit Chand (32), Kiran Kumar Limbu (16), Bhola Nath Silwal (17)
Afghanistan: Ata Yamir Ali (17), Balal Arezo (9), Djelaludin Sharityar (16), Faisal Safa (40, Haroon Fakhruddin (3), Masaiullah Ibrahim(19), Hameedullah Yousufzari (1), Mohammad Esrafiul (7), Yousef Mashriqi (8), Moqadar Faizullah (2), Sanjar Ahmadi (10) Subs - Ahmed Hatifle (18), Bashir Darman (22), Hashmat Jan (11), Ghulam Hazrat (13) , Massod Hashmi (6), Mujtaba Mujtaba (21), Yousef Samy (14), Waheed Ahmad (20), Zekria Khodadad (5)

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