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Friday, December 2, 2011

Watch Live streaming of India Vs Afghanistan Football Match SAFF Championship 2011

Sunil Chhetri 10'
SAFF Championship 2011
03-Dec-2011 03:15 PM NST
JN Stadium, New Delhi 
Balal Arezo 4'
90+4 'FULL TIME. Afghanistan Dominated the second half but settled down for 1-1 draw against India. India played below par game. Thanks for being with us. We will see you in next match. 
90+2 'Sanjar ahmadi OUT, Hashmat M Jan IN - Afghanistan
90+1 'Sanjar Ahmad has another chance here, wow, brilliant move, Ahmadi does his best but goalie takes the credit. Indian goalie, Karnajit tips the ball away. Afghanistan should have been 2-1 up here! 
90 'Four minutes of added time. 
87 'Very good chance to Afghanistan, Sanjar Ahemdi has a chance, Indian goalie, Karnajit comes forward to clear the ball but referee sees it foul. Blows whistle against Afghanistan. 
85 'Five minutes to go. Time is ticking away. Afghanistan would be more than happy to take a point. Good chance for India, Jeje shoots powerfully from just outside the box but Afghanistan goalie, Hameedullah saves the ball. 
80 'Final 10 mins left. Jeje is fouled just outside the box but referee Nagor rules it out. No Foul! 
75 '15 mins remaining, India 1 Afghanistan 1. 
70 'Masood Hasmi Is IN, Ahmed Arash OUT - Afghanistan
68 'Djelaiudin Shartiyar is booked with a yellow card for a foul to Sunil Chhetri.
Yellow Card
66 'Anthony IN, Steven Dias OUT - India
64 'India earns a free kick in a very good position, Stevan Dias steps in to take the shot, straight to the hands of goalie, Hameeduallah. 
60 'half an hour to go, India 1 Afghanistan 1 
55 'Good chance for India, Sunil Chhetri has a chance here, Moadir tries his best to block Chhetri but in vain. Chhetri is unlucky not to double the score. 
50 'Afghanistan's defense line is looking rock solid. They are taller and muscular. 
46 'Second half starts.. 
45+2 'HALF TIME. India 1 Afghanistan 1 
45 'Two minutes of added time. India 1 Afghanistan 1 
40 'Five minutes to go for a break. India 1 Afghanistan 1 
35 'Afghanistan are showing competitive football against India. India 1 Afghanistan 1 
30 '30 mins gone, the score is 1-1. This LIVE broadcast is brought to you by SMS GOAl to 5001. 
28 'Good chance for sunil chettri but Afghanistan goalie, Hamedullah comes forward to clear the ball. India 1 Afghanistan 1. 
22 'Afghanistan XI: Ahmed Arash Hatifle, Balal Arezo, Faisal Safa, Djelaludin Sharityar, Hameedullah Yousufzati , Haroon Fakhrudin, Mohammad Esrafil, M Yousef Mashriqi, Moqadar Faizullah, Waheed Ahmad, Sanjar Ahmadi 
17 'Very few spectators. Nepalese rocked yesterday. We can see just few hundreds Indians inside the stadium. No charm at all among the Indians. India 1 Afghanistan 1 
15 'Good attempt by Afghanistan, Yousufzari tries his luck from just outside the D-box, Indian goalie, Karanjit dives well to save the ball. 
12 'India: Karnajit, Samir, Mahesh, Gourmangi, Steven,Climax, Rocus, Clifford, Jeje, Sunil, Syed 
10 'GOALLLLLLLLLLLL! India levels the score. Sunil Chhetri does it through header utilizing a corner kick. India 1 Afghanistan 1 SUNIL CHHETRI
GOAL Sunil Chhetri
4 'GOAL.GOAL.GOAL..Afghanistan takes a shocking lead. Balal Arezo finely places the ball into the net, dodging the defenders and goalie, Karanjit.
GOAL Balal Arezo
1 'Peeep! here we go. India vs Afghanistan 

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