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Friday, October 14, 2011

Watch Nepal Vs Malaysia U-23 Friendly Football Match


0 2
Match completed
15-Oct-2011 03:00 PM NST
MPPJ Stadium, KL

Malaysia U-23
Malaysia U-23

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90+4 ' FULL TIME...Nepal National team loses the match 2-0 to Malaysia Olympic Side. Thanks for being us.

90+2 ' GOAL..Bad luck! Biraj Maharjan fails to mark Young Kuong scores beautifully, curling the ball, goalie Kiran Chemzong fails to read the ball. GOAL. Malaysia doubles the tally. Poor defensive game. Malaysia 2 Nepal 0

90 ' Four minutes of added time. Corner kick to Malaysian team. Ohh hoooo GOAL!!!!!! Maradona style! Maoh Muslin gets booked for using hand to net the ball.

88 ' Nirajan Khadka OUT, Anil Ojha Is IN - Nepal

87 ' Powerful shot by Swayanjan from 30 yard, powerful shot, goalie Kiran Chemzong blocks the ball, he spills the ball but manages to catch the ball.

85 ' Powerful shot by Fandi from 20 yard distance, Sandip Rai blocks the ball acrobatically. Too powerful shot...Nepal National is trailing by a GOAL!!

82 ' Rohit Chand is injured and is replaced by Bikash Singh Chhetri.

81 ' GOAL..Malaysia scores a GOAL through header. Izaq Faris scores beautifully through header. Nepal goalie Kiran Chemzong tries to save the ball but in vain. Malaysia Olympic team 1 Nepal National team 0
80 ' Another attack from Malaysian team, Yong gets the ball inside D-box, he turns around and powerful shot but the ball goes little wide from the pole.

78 ' Baddrol Bhaktiar moves with counter ball, he shoots the ball from left flank, Nepal goalie Kiran Chemzong saves the ball beautifully. Nepal team is playing defensive game.

77 ' Rohit Chand is yellow carded for a foul to Young Keoung. Referee flahes out straight yellow card.

77 ' Biraj Maharjan is also playing good game in left flank. Oh hoo.. foul kick to Malaysia. Wan Zaharul is ready to kick the ball, Sagar Thapa clears the ball.

74 ' Nazmi gives a quick pass to Issaq Farris, lovely pass but goalie Kiran Chemzong comes forward to save the ball. Good save by Chemzong.

72 ' Juamnu Rai IN, Bhola Silwal OUT Nepal

70 ' Nepalese player are looking under pressure, Malaysia Olympic team is pressing hard for a goal.

67 ' Santosh Sahukhala gets the ball in the left flank from Nirajan Khadka, good cross by Sahukhala but goalie half clears the ball which is cleared by Amer.

64 ' Wow! Lovely defending game by Rohit Chand to Wan Zaharul almost beats the off side trap, and in one vs one but Rohit heads the ball out. lovely clearance.

63 ' Outstanding game by Rohit, blocks Nazmi in the left flank, Good cross from Chand to Santosh Sahukhala but Sahu is late to reach the ball.

61 ' Anil Gurung is booked yellow card by referee. Unnecessary card, it was with the ball. Fandi kicks the ball, Rohit clears the ball from D-box.

57 ' Bhola Silwal is injured, medical team is rushed to the scene, he looks fine after spraying...! Nepal National Team 0 Malaysia Olympic team 0

56 ' Foul to Santosh Sahukhala, Fandi fouls to Sahukhala, Nepal gets a free kick. Nirajan Khadka reaches to the scene, Poor kick by Khadka, his shot is easily headed out from the D-box.

55 ' Santosh Sahukhaal gives a pass to Bharat Khawas, Khawas is looking for a long ranger, good shot but the ball goes little wide from the pole.

54 ' Nirajan Khadka gives a quick pass to Anil Gurung but Mohd Amer easily blocks Gurung, goalie Izham comes forward to ca6ch the ball.

52 ' Another foul kick to Malaysia, good defending game by Sagar, Bhola gets the ball but poor clearance, again powerful shit by Bakhtiar but again Sagar Thapa clears the ball.

51 ' Counter ball, Nepal goalie, Kiran Chemzong comes forward to clear the ball but referee whistles for a foul. Good chance for Malaysian team here.

50 ' Rohit Chand is playing good game, gives a through pass to Biraj Maharjan, powerless shot by Maharjan, goalie Izham catches the ball safely.

49 ' Oh hooooo! no marking at all to Malaysian players, Free shot chance to Abdul, powerful shot from 20 yard distance but the ball goes little above from the bar.

47 ' Foul by Anil Gurung to Mahali, referee whistles for a foul kick. Mohd Fandi dribbles past two defenders but Rohit Chand clears the ball from just outside the D-box.

46 ' Pashupatinath ki jay from players. Bharat Khawas IN, Jagjeet Shrestha OUT - Nepal

45+2 ' HALF TIME....Nepal O Malaysia Olympic Team 0

45 ' Two minutes of added time..

44 ' Counter ball, Rohit Chand gives a long pass to Anil Gurung, Malaysian goalie Izham comes forward to clear the ball, goalie collides with Anil Gurung...ball goes out. Referee calls medical team to treat Izha.

38 ' another chance for Malaysia Olympic team, Baddrol Bakhtiar shoots the ball little high from the Nepal D-box, Nepalese defenders looking under pressure.

35 ' Another chance for Malaysia... what a poor combination between defenders and goalkeepers, total luck to Nepal, Syazrul shoots the ball out from the pole inches wide!!!

32 ' Oh hoo Counter move, Sagar Thapa fails to challenge Syahrul, oh hoooooooooooooo! good save by Nepal goalie, Kiran Chemzong, One vs one....Lovely save

30 ' Santosh Sahukhala is fouled by Syahrul, referee whistles for a kick. Oh ho.. poor combination between Nepalese players, wastes the kick by passing to Malaysian team..

28 ' Foul kick to Nepal. Santosh Sahukhala is fouled by Md Swjyan, Jagjeet Shrestha gives a poor pass to Bhola Silwal , forest of legs sandwiches him but referee whistles for a foul.

27 ' Biraj Maharjan fouls on Nazmi, free kick to Malaysia, good kick by Nazmi but Nepal striker, Anil Gurung goes deep to clear the ball. Too defending game by Nepalese team.
26 ' Anil Gurung looks injured. He is fine after some minor treatment. Nepal National 0 Malaysia Olympic team 0

25 ' Good defending game by Nepalese players. Good marking by Rohit Chand. Mohad Fandi has almost found the ball but goalie kiran comes forward to catch the ball.

22 ' Oh hooooo!!!!! Malaysia on attack! Guru swamy gives through pass to Baddrol, who beats off side trap, one vs one position with goalie Kiran chemzong, Baddrol slips while kicking the ball and Deepak Bhushal clears the ball from Danger zone..

17 ' Sagar Thapa looks little smart inside the D-box, quick ball from Nazmi but skipper clears the ball from D-box. Nepal National team is looking confident in comparison to the previous match against Philippines.

15 ' ‎Oh hoooo! Good save by Rohit Chand from goal line.....Could be first goal for Malaysia, Baddrol crosses the ball from left flank, goalie, Kiran comes forward but the ball is cleared by Rohit chand.

12 ' Good cross by Baddrol, Biraj Maharjan is marking well to Wan Zaharul, good defensive game, but the ball goes wide from the target.

10 ' 10 mins gone, Nepal National team has not started well against the Malaysian team. the score is 0-0 draw.

9 ' Malaysia makes another attemp from the left flank, Badfrol shoots powerful shot but the ball goes too wide from the pole.

7 ' Malaysian team is pressing hard. Foul by Santosh Sahukhala, diving tackle but referee whistles for a foul kick.

6 ' Another attack from Malaysian side, Nazmi kicks long kick but Nepal goalie, Kiran Chemzong dives to his left to save the ball.

3 ' Malaysian U-23 team is taking the ball possession. Nepl team is playing wall passes between players.

4 ' Foul kick to Nepal. poo kick by Jagjet Shrestha as Malaysian defenders easily control the ball. Nepalese team players are playing short passes...

2 ' Foul kick to Malaysia, foul by Jagjeet Shrestha, Long kick my Malaysia, ohh hoooo blunder by Sagar Thapa, could be dangerous, Jersey no 19 curls the ball but the ball goes outside from the pole. First attack from Malaysia.

1 ' Peeep! Here we go....

Nepal ambassador to Malaysia has reached to the stadium. We are about to kick off. Stay with us.

We are about to kick off. Few hundreds Nepalese supporters here at petaling jaya. Empty stadium....stay with us..

Nepal First XI: Kiran, Sagar, Deepak, Rohit, Biraj, Anil, Jagjeet, Nirajan, Bhola, Sandeep, Santosh

The rain has stopped now. It is hot and humid.

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